Partypoker betting is Huge September and $60M Powerfest

Partypoker recognizes that it’s that season for huge excitement in the poker world. Since PokerStars’ World Championship of Online Poker is scheduled to start at the end of September Partypoker has decided to raise the stakes.

The company has announced their personal Powerfest online poker tournament, Partypoker is set to pay out more than $60 million in prize money during more than 670 games. The payout is expected to be in line with the prize amount.

Breaking Down the Top Powerfest Events

Powerfest will include 20 championship events as well as 15 events with one million dollars in prize money. The biggest among these are:

September 3 5th, Super High Roller ($1 million)

September 9, $1,050 High Roller ($1 million)

September 18, 2010 Sept 18 – September 18, ($500,000)

September 18 10300, Super High Roller ($2 million)

September 20 25,500 Super High Roller ($3 million)

Sept 23, $55 Medium Level ($250,000)

September 23, $1,050 high Roller ($1 million)

The impressive program is the most extensive selection of tournaments that the website has ever held with the highest amount of prize money guaranteed the site has ever promised.

The cost of entry for these events will be between $1.10 to $25,500. This means that players from all types of budgets and walks of life can enjoy the festivities.

The biggest event in terms of the chance of winning 25,500 Super High Roller will take place on the 20th of September and will have an amount of prize money that is $3,000,000. Mini-Max is the new format for Powerfest. Mini-Max format will be back especially for Powerfest.

In Mix-Max events, players begin with nine hands and increase to six players until the event finally goes heads-up when only there are two players left. The total number of events will take place, featuring the thrilling format that was previously used as an event in the World Series of Poker tournament.

The Competition is a Golden Opportunity for players

The timing of the Partypoker’s Powerfest events is very planned compared to the schedule offered from the WCOOP. The list of major events is similar to this:

Sept . 2, $2,100 No-Limit 9-Max Hold’em ($1 million)

Sept 2, $215, Sunday Million NLH ($1 million)

September 4, 2010 10,300 NLH High Roller ($1 million)

Sept . 5 $5,25.000 Pot-Limit Omaha High Roller ($1 million)

Sept. 6 Sept 6, $2,100 HORSE ($256,000)

Sept . 8 8. August 8, $2,100 8-Game Mix ($250,000)

September 9 5,200 NLH High Roller ($1 million)

Sept . 9 530, for Sunday’s Cold-up NLH ($750,000)

Sept . 9 September 9 – $109 Half-Price Monday Millions in NLH ($1 million)

September 12, $25,000 8 Max High Roller NLH ($2 million)

September 14th, $22 DeepStack NNH ($100,000)

September 16 Main Event NLH $5,200 ($10 million)

PokerStars has become frustrated with being viewed as the second banana for PokerStars and this incident is a clear sign of this. It will be fascinating to watch how this develops for PokerStars however, as with all types of contests between the biggest players within an industry the winner is almost always the player.

It’s not an issue to have a competition to push the boundaries of a site such as Partypoker. Although the site hosts important events each year, for a lot of players PokerStars is the most well-known brand.

For instance, the thrilling Millions Grand Final that took place in Barcelona which was held earlier this year was the most prestigious poker tournament that has ever been held by a player on the European continent, but the events typically are largely ignored due to PokerStars its close ties and World Series of Poker. World Series of Poker.

The latter is extensively covered by ESPN however, the growing popularity of the game of poker across the United States as well as coordinated efforts at large events, may prompt another network of this size to collaborate with other events that were previously undiscovered.

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