Top Tips For Identifying Scam Gambling Sites

The worldwide gambling industry has been a steadily growing industry for years, with the market size currently valued at almost $59 billion U.S. dollars; forecasts anticipate this value to rise to $92.9 billion in 2023 and $127.3 billion by 2027.

This constant rise in revenue has made this particular industry the target of cyber fraudsters and imposters. Being aware of the impatience and excitement of bettors, especially when winning, sham websites are born at a dizzying speed.

With the advent of so many pretentious posing websites, there is a great need for bettors to be more vigilant in recognizing the dishonest nature of these websites. We will point out some tell-tale signs to recognize a fraudulent betting site here.

The Domain Name Does Not End In “.com”

One of the most straightforward ways to identify and separate reputable betting sites from disreputable ones. All you need to do is check the website link; most legitimate bookmarkers have a domain name ending in “.com”. If you come across a website that ends otherwise, you should do well to leave immediately, regardless of any recommendations you might have had.

The Promise of Extravagantly High Winning Margins

Even the most reputable bookmakers can only offer odds based on predictions. Without a final match result, no expert or bookmarker can truly give an accurate score, so when you encounter a betting website that advertises stupendously high winning rates by customers (some as high as 90%), don’t be in a hurry to believe. If this is true, then there must have been a high percentage of participants coming before you, and the bookmarker wouldn’t need to go out of their way to advertise now, would they?

Here is where the need for a verification site like TotoBle comes in handy to help you confirm the legitimacy of these types of sites.

Unseemly Customer Support Service

Reputable and legitimate betting companies know the importance and benefits of investing in a 24-hour customer support service. Scam bookmarkers, not having the means and revenue of this caliber of companies, cannot be so enthusiastic. Therefore, doubts about the safety and reliability of a betting site should be raised when you find the customer support service is extremely slow when replying to messages or not picking up phone calls.

No Head Office Address

Some countries still do not recognize some types of bets, such as sports betting, as a legitimate business; because of this, many bookmarkers locate their headquarters in countries that consider their model of betting legal and where they would not be in acrimony with the law.

So if your bookie does not have an address you can easily find on any digital map, there is a very high possibility it is a scam betting site, and you should not put your trust in them.

Lack of Multilingual Support

The most reputable betting sites are usually multinational companies operating in multiple territories and localities, so the option of having multiple languages is a must. Most fraudulent betting companies do not have a multiple language feature, and you should run if ever you come across one of such.

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